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Bullwhips and Stockwhips

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Kangaroo Bullwhip Synthetic Stockwhip Cowhide Bullhwip

Nemeth Whips Australia

NWA is one of the leading whip makers in Australia. They make outstanding bullwhips and stock whips, in either kangaroo hide or redhide.

Karaka Whips

Karaka makes innovative synthetic whips that crack exceptionally well, yet are durable and easy to maintain.

Economy Whips

Not ready for a professional quality whip yet, but want something that works well? Need a whip for a costume or prop? These cowhide bullwhips are just the ticket.



Kangaroo Leather ......Kangaroo leather is the ideal choice for whips, it is the strongest animal hide in the World, noted to be four times stronger than cowhide of the same thickness. However it is expensive, due to the small size of the hides and Australian regulations for harvesting Kangaroos. Kangaroo leather is less than 1/16 inch thick, so it is possible to have more plaits in a kangaroo hide whip than in a cowhide whip.

Redhide ......Redhide leather is cowhide that has been specially tanned to be strong and flexible for use in whips. It creates a nice loud crack and is a less expensive alternative to kangaroo leather. The tanning process gives it a reddish color, hence the redhide name.

Cowhide ......Cowhide is sturdy harness leather that makes a good, economical whip.

Synthetic ......Synthetic whips, when made properly, are perhaps the easiest for beginners to learn on. They are maintenance-free, can be washed with water, and work great in all weather conditions.

Bullwhip handles


A whip consists of the handle, the thong (the main body of the whip), the fall (the leather strip at the end of the thong), and the cracker (a nylon piece at the very end that aids in making the cracking sound). In a stock whip, the handle is a separate piece, with the thong attached by a strip of leather (the keeper). In a bull whip, the handle is integral with the thong.

Whips are made by brading strands of leather (plaits) around a central thong. The more plaits in a whip, the stronger and more flexible it will be.

The central thong (belly) of the whip is a strip of leather, except in the case of lead loaded whips, where the central piece is made of connected lead beads. The lead beads add weight, which allows the whip to move faster and create a louder crack.

Kangaroo skin bullwhips


Leather whips - The number one rule is to keep your whip well oiled. If the leather gets dry, it gets brittle and will break under the stress of cracking. You can use any kind of leather oil, neetsfoot oil, or beeswax dressing. Get it nice and wet (dripping is good!) and let it soak in for a bit. Then wipe off the excess and you're good to go! Keep in mind that oiling the whip will darken the leather - this is normal and nothing to worry about.

Synthetic whips - Wipe off with a damp cloth. That's it!


Bull whips are measured from the base of the handle to the end of the thong. The whip fall and cracker add about another 3 feet to the length.

Australian stockwhips are measured differently than bull whips. The measurement stated is the length of the whip thong only (center plaited piece). A 7 foot stockwhip will measure approximately 11 foot total length including the handle and the whip fall. Generally the shorter the whip the better control you have; the 7 and 8 foot whips are the most popular.

Note: Colors of the products my vary slightly from the photos due to differences in computer monitor displays, dye lot variations, effects of lighting, etc.
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