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Customer Comments

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Here is what customers have to say about the service and quality at Down Under Saddle Supply!

All customer comments are from actual correspondance on file at Down Under Saddle Supply and are reprinted with the customer's permission.

Great Fit For A Pretty Icelandic Mare

I just wanted to let you know that my Icelandic mare Gifta, and I  have been doing endurance training and hope to participate in our first race next Spring.  Thanks to the Kimberly Lite Rider, we are comfortable and ready to go.  Gifta has no withers and a short back, and the Kimberly Lite Rider fits her beautifully. I just ordered the Deluxe Merino seat saver and the Merino leg comforters.  Can't wait for those to arrive. Thanks again for all your help.  The Kimberly Lite Rider is a great fit for an Icelandic Horse!
Barb S.
Mansfield, MA.

Kimberley Lite Rider Aussie Saddle Icelandic Horse with Australian Saddle

Standing The Test Of Time

Hi Mike and Jan!  My husband, R.B. and I have been happily riding the trails in our "Trail Master" saddles that we ordered from you at least 7 yrs. ago without a hitch!  I am selling mine at the end of this month and will be ordering another one.  R.B. is still riding in his and his horse seems very happy.  I am only selling mine because I sold the horse that "went with it" 2 yrs. ago and his new owner has been wanting it ever since....I finally gave in and plan order one in brown this time.  I will admit that I have looked into "other" trail saddles here lately...but realized that all I need to do is to repeat history and order another "perfect" saddle from be happy.  We are both retired now and have more time to ride and I am excited at the prospect of getting something "new"!  You know how women are?!  In closing, let me say that your saddles are of such good workmanship and crafted with leather that ages so very well (with good care of course) that our saddles have served both R.B./me and especially our horses very well.  Thanks and you will hear from me soon about ordering another great saddle!

Seagrove, N.C. 

Lance Is A Gem


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated dealing with Lance on my recent order of an Australian saddle. He gave me good advice and has wonderful customer service skills. He is very efficient and quick to respond to emails. Very professional. I also enjoyed the DVD that came with my order. I have found it very informative and putting my "saddle parts" together was a breeze.

You have a great team!

Kind regards,


Saddle Works Great

Hi Tim,

I thought I'd say hello and let you know that my saddle has been working out just fine all summer.  I'm very comfortable in it and feel secure.  My horse has had no problems.  He is starting to get his winter coat and so far I don't see any white areas growing in or anything of concern.  So I think it's doing  great.  We did a lot of riding this summer and all of it is in the mountains so the saddle was put to a good test.  I've been using the Equipedic pad I bought from you as well this summer and I do like it.  I miss the pockets I had on the Skito but I like the Equipedic foam better.  So that was a good investment.  I like to have a choice of 2 pads anyway so am glad I have it.  I'm including a picture in the saddle, though you can't really see it.  I guess we could title it "California drought".  Hopefully it will rain soon and this creek will fill up again.  Happy trails and thanks as always for your expertise.  You folks are the best.


Aussie saddle

Confidence Builder!


I just wanted to let you know that my trainer, my barn manager, and I have all fallen in love with my Kimberly Endurance saddle. I was frankly skeptical that a $300 saddle would be so comfortable and such a good fit for my compact, round little Arabian mare, but she seemed very content and happy.

I used it with the thick wool pad you recommended on your website, and changed out the girth for a high-quality dressage girth (I also am switching the leathers to the actual leather ones I got from your site).

For the first time since buying Ruby, I felt comfortable enough to let my normally active seat fully relax. Between the deep seat, the poleys, and the suede-like grippy texture, it was great to feel so secure. Ruby is a young mare and spooks easily, so having that extra insurance makes the rider relaxed, and so she is more relaxed. It was especially meaningful to me, because she threw me (by accident; she cat jumped and bucked at a traffic cone) last month, and I've been really gun-shy to get back on her. This saddle really is helping rebuild my confidence.

Very impressed with your product and would recommend it, especially for someone who needs a confidence-booster.

Chantilly, VA

Great Fit for Mules

Just a note to thank you so much for the very quick response and friendly service with the replacement of my one saddle.  Two of my mules came to me with an unwillingness to stand still while saddling and after using their new, light Australian synthetic saddles, they no longer 'dread' being saddled and are relaxed thru the whole tacking up process.

These are the first saddles that fit so well and stay in place on our mules and donkeys, too!!

Here we are riding down the driveway in all of our 'Down Under' saddles.  Nothing like a 'bracing' ride with the grand kids in our Wisconsin winter of Polar Vortexes!!

Keep up the good work and thanks again for all of your help!


Australian saddles for donkeys and mules

Almost a Perfect Coat


I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know that I absolutely love my new Oilskin Bomber Jacket! I would even go so far as to say the jacket is awesome except for one thing; you don't stock Men's Tall sizes!

I called several weeks ago with some questions about the Oilskin Bomber Jacket. Tim (didn't get his last name) answered the phone and proceeded to give me the information I needed. He even went out and measured the 2XL and 3XL sleeve lengths for me.

I'm a big guy at 6'4", 250 lbs.. My sleeve length is 58-59 inches. Tim suggested I try the 3XL because the jackets are cut slim and the sleeve length would be pretty close. The 3XL sleeve length is OK on me. However, let me know when you stock this jacket in a 3XLT with a 58-59 in sleeve length. I'll buy one! 

Tim was absolutely wonderful! It's not often you find someone willing to go a little further to help a (potential) customer. Without Tim's help, I would have purchased a 2XL jacket and then had to exchange it.

Please pass along a big thank you to Tim and thanks again, DownUnder for an (almost) awesome jacket!

Westminster, CA

A Christmas Present for Cisco

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for helping me find a saddle that fits my mule, Cisco! After 1 1/2 years and 5 saddles, I remembered how good Down Under was with helping get the best fit for saddles when I bought several saddles about 10 years ago, so I sent in pix and a wither tracing and you all did your magic.

Well, my first ride was 14 miles of hills on our annual Christmas ride and Cisco had an even sweat pattern and no tender spots the next day. Last year, I ended up walking about half of the ride due to an ill-fitting saddle, so I was very happy to just be sitting up there, enjoyiong the view!

My next ride was on New Year's Day in 80 degree weather and hilly terrain and again, the saddle worked beautifully. I used my breeching for both rides because of steep hills, but the saddle didn't move very much at all. 

I can't tell you what a relief it is to just be able to enjoy the trails and not worry about my saddle hurting my mule. BTW, He threw a good spook yesterday and I hardly moved- very comfortable and safe!!!

Many Thanks from Cisco and Pam
Ventura, California

Pam and Cisco

An Enthusiastic Repeat Customer

Down Under,

I just wanted to let you know I received the Wizard Poley yesterday that I ordered last week. I knew it was going to be a beautiful saddle, just didn't realize HOW beautiful!! I have yet to ride in it, I need to change out the stirrups but intend to ride in it today.

I enjoyed working with Ricki, she was so helpful. I had previously ordered one of your alternate finish saddles for one of my horses and was going to order another one for my 2nd horse but saw the Wizard that was a customer return and decided to just buy it.

Before these two purchases, I have bought a Kimberly Superior Poley, Kimberly Endurance, and a Syd Hill Northern Barcoo from your company.  As you can see, I am a big fan!  I have had nothing but pleasant experiences,dealing with you guys, and I am looking forward to future purchases whether they be saddles, tack or products.

LOVED THE VIDEO! Especially the kisses to boss from Tim! I love a sense of humor!!

Thank you for your fast delivery, always personable and helpful employees, and having a good product for all types of riding. Excellent!


McAllen, TX

P.S. I am  "hoping" your company will someday get a used Syd Hill Giltrow Poley saddle in. I know it's a long shot, but you never know. In the meantime, I will keep my eye on the clearance page,  just in case....

Aussie Saddle and Fall Colors

Bobby M. sent us these nice photos of his 3/4 Arab horse and his new Australian saddle. The fall colors in South Dakota look terrific!

Bobby and Australian Saddle Bobby and Raider

Staying Safe in the Saddle

Good morning,

I have attached a photo of my new saddle. Love it so much. I have a leather one, but it is so heavy that I seldom use it.  This one is lighter than my english one and safer!!  This horse is only 6 years old and while he is a great boy, he sometimes likes to buck up. I can feel myself being braced into this saddle when he does. Hope you all enjoy.

Thanks for helping me fit it to him and all of your quick responses!!! Going away for a weekend of riding this weekend.

Thanks again, 

Jeanine and Spirit in Vermont

Jeanine and Spirit Spirits Aussie Saddle

A Synthetic Saddle for Maggie

Dear Downunder,

This is our second saddle and another perfect fit. The synthetic stock saddle seems to almost snap into place on her,not so easy to fit, back. Your customer service is the best. Also your patience with all my questions.

Thanks again and good riding,
Jack and Maggie

Kimberley Synthetic saddle on Maggie

A Note from the Donkey Whisperer

Dear Ricki,

The saddle, crupper, breast collar fit great, Thank you again for all your outstanding work!  I love your company!!! Photo is of me riding our 7 year old Mammoth donkey, 16’1 at the withers, for the first time with his new Snowy River Saddle, crupper and breast collar.  Sweat marks were perfect no dry spots yeh!  Teaching Rio to ride with no bit, no spurs he is going to be amazing!

I wrote a post on my blog Donkeywhisperefarm2010 at

Thank you again,

Aussie saddle on a donkey

Longreach Endurance is a Hit

I wanted to send a note to say what a great experience it has been buying a saddle from DownUnder.  Years ago I had an Aussie saddle but it did not fit that particular horse well and caused some problems.  (not a DownUnder saddle)  I had a custom saddle built which served me well for long distance riding for many years.  I am now older, not riding those kinds of miles and have osteoporosis.  After nearly hitting the ground recently due to a suddenly wakened turkey by a bush, I decided it was time to investigate Aussie again.  I cannot afford a fall.  After dealing with another company that had some pretty poor quality saddles for the same price as DownUnder, I tried a DownUnder saddle.  The first one didn't fit my horse in a way that I liked.  I talked to Tim about it and he spent a lot of time explaining things to me and showing me on the website how the different saddles were built.  I decided to try the Longreach Endurance, due mostly to it's light weight and lower profile.  Any time I had a fit question Tim took the time to explain what he thought and could see from pictures.  I believe I've got a terrific new saddle at a VERY reasonable price.  Thus far my horse seems happy, is moving downhill much more freely, the saddle stays put with no crupper and to top it off I am comfortable and secure.  Riding is very important to me and saddle issues can be real stressful.  It is great knowing that there is a knowledgeable person at Downunder who will take the time to lend a hand.  THANKS FOLKS, especially Tim. 

Mariposa, CA

Longreach Endurance Saddle

Comfortable for Both the Horse and the Rider!

I ordered my Down Under Kimberly Australian Saddle w/Horn in Brown.  I could hardly wait for it to arrive. My horse is short-backed and I live in Iowa where most people use Western and English saddles. My husband recommended that I try an Aussie Saddle because of the price and because of the much reported comfort. So we tried it. I did order it via and that went ok, but next time I will come directly to you.

I think we're hooked. I've attached a couple of photos of my horse, Celine, (3 years) and my daughter who is 18.  I did ride after they got kind of settled in with the new saddle pad and saddle.

Now my daughter wants an aussie saddle too!

Before today we tried a different saddle on the horse, a Western saddle. She let us know immediately that it did NOT fit her. Today, though, with the Down Under Kimberly saddle she let us know that she liked it! She has been waiting to do some more training and riding. She runs to me when I go to the pasture to get her. She will keep doing that now with this saddle.

Thanks for a very positive experience.

Debbie and Clair
Muscatine, IA

Aussie saddle with rider

Barn Cat Approved!

Down Under Saddle Supply,

Just an update on the Kimberly Open Range Saddle we got from you.  My wife and I recently took a Ride-cation to southwestern North Dakota for a week.  We rode miles into the steep hills southeast of Medora, hit the South Unit of Teddy Roosevelt National Park and did the first leg of the Maah Daah Hey Trail system starting in Sully Creek State Park.  We did two rides a day and sometimes a little arena work.  The saddle held up great and so did “Cooper” and his rider due to the comfort of your product.  As you can see in the attached photos, we are none the worse for wear on Day 3 but the saddle was covered in dirt and pretty scratched up from the brush and tree branches.  Got it home and in 20 minutes with a wet towel and a little leather conditioner had it cleaned up pretty good.  So clean it looks brand new and as you can see, so comfortable it’s even “barn cat approved”. 

Noonan, ND

Open Range Saddle
Barn Cat Approved

Your Saddles Saved Me Twice!


I just traded a Superior Poley for a Lite Rider-wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with both saddles, and to tell you on two occasions, the Australian design kept me off the ground. Both instances involved two different horses, both buddy sour related incidents. The first was in the Superior on a quarter horse, the second was on a Canadian Horse in a Lite rider.  Being a relative newcomer to horses, My balance and seat is not that of a more experienced rider, and your saddle makes up a lot of the difference. Both incidents were fairly violent, and I'm really amazed I didn't come off-I really didn't have to think about my legs,and could concentrate on the reins, and circle them both to a stop. The poleys and the deep seat hold you very securely, without your really having to think about it.

Your products are a great value, and your customer service is second to none. Thank you for all your help! Here is a pic of 'slightly' overweight Bismark in his Lite Rider.


Ringgold, Ga

Kimberley Lite Rider Saddle

Switching to Light Weight and Comfort

I've been riding horses for most of my life but as I've gotten older, I've searched for ways to make things easier and better for myself in the process.

I'd been using a very heavy Western saddle but it was so heavy that it was getting more and more difficult for me to toss it up on my horse's back. Consequently, I wasn't riding as much as I would have liked. Then I discovered Down Under Saddle Supply on the web while searching for a new saddle.

I called them up right away and spoke with one of their representatives who was extremely friendly and helpful. Tim, the first representative I talked with described the various types of saddles offered and through the conversation, we concluded that the Down Under Longreach Endurance saddle with a horn was probably the best for me.

Tim could not have been more helpful and as it turns out, this saddle is absolutely perfect for me. Since it arrived in its big box on my doorstep, I've been on my horse's back every day. In fact, I've spent many hours each day riding and thanks to the comfort of my new saddle, I've had no soreness at all.  The saddle is extremely comfortable, well made and beautiful to look at. But best of all, my horse loves it, too.

Thank you Down Under Saddle Supply, with special thanks to Tim and to Rickie, who spent a lot of time on the phone and looking at pictures I emailed to her making sure I was putting everything on properly. You are the best.


Rogue River, OR

Longreach Endurance Saddle

Amazing Grace

Dear Lance,

Thank you for great service, great ideas and a great product.  I have searched for four years and now both Whispers Amazing Grace and I are enjoying Happy Trails with our new Down Under saddle.

Morriston, FL

Australian Saddle

Bella Likes the Trailmaster

I recently purchased the Trailmaster Saddle, it fit perfectly. It looks absolutely beautiful and is extremely comfortable. I was also impressed with the softness of the leather, and the details were stunning! I am looking forward to many miles of trail riding on it. The customer service associate was very helpful and answered all my questions. I am including a couple pictures of my beloved Bella, who is also very happy with her new saddle.

Your very satisfied customer,


Kimberley Trailmaster

Down Under Longreach Makes a Great Donkey Saddle

Hi Guys,
I'm so happy with the Longreach saddles I got from you for my husband and most recently myself, that I wanted to share the info with the mammoth donkey list I belong to. Thought I'd forward the post to you FYI.
Thanks so much for the great product and the great customer service!

You're the best!


Post to the Mammoth Donkey List:
Hi Guys,
I recently found an Aussie saddle on clearance at Down Under Saddle Supply and bought it. I have a used Syd Hill that I bought fairly recently [ a screaming deal] and it is certainly a fine quality saddle and I fully intend to keep it - -however --  The Syd Hill has a sweat flap and with 2 layers of that quality leather under my leg - -I found I missed the close contact I had enjoyed for years with my Bob Marshall.
Well, this Down Under Saddle Supply "Longreach" model is  - -for me-- the best of both worlds. It fits my donkeys beautifully, is light weight [under 20 lbs] and very comfy for me. It has the close contact feel I was missing after riding the treeless for so long -- but with the added security I wanted for the trail. This saddle also comes in a synthetic model and is reasonable but well made. The company is really great to deal with. They answer your e-mails in 48hrs. and if you call them they always seem to have time not only to  answer your questions but to chat a bit. I'm really impressed because I haven't found that anywhere! Seems to me like they are more interested in "getting it right" for the customer than making a quick buck.
Anyway, I'm really pleased with this saddle and since we donkey folks are always looking for something that "works", thought I'd pass along my experience - -and their web site,
Take care you guys!

A Bargain from the Clearance Page

Down Under Folks,

I recently received a Kimberley Open Range Saddle as a Christmas gift from my wife.  I’ve had the opportunity to ride Aussie saddles before but have never personally owned one.  The recent purchase of a new horse with a rather wide wither got us thinking about the best saddle for “Cooper”.  We found your site while doing our research.  The quality of this saddle for the price is outstanding.  At $239 bucks how could you go wrong?  The saddle fits awesome with a perfect sweat pattern.  No dry spots or pressure points on the horse and “All Day Comfort” for the rider with the suspended seat.  Lots of attachment rings for gear.  We saved so much money on the saddle that I was able to afford lots of accessories from your site and upgraded the stirrups and stirrup leathers.  I bought the western conversion strap kit and have adapted a Tackaberry rig that makes saddling/unsaddling a breeze.  The Kimberley breast collar was affordable and the leather is very good quality. I put all that on top of one of your Premium Shaped Trail Rider Comfort pads and could not be happier.  Can’t wait to hit the Badlands of North Dakota this summer for a real test.  Might just have to pick up some of your pack bags for that one.  Look forward to doing business again.

Noonan, ND

Kimberley Aussie Saddle

Cooper with his new saddle

Help With a Hard to Fit Horse

Hi everyone!  I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you all know how pleased I am!  My horse is VERY hard to fit with a saddle.  I went through 3 western saddles before I bought a used Kimberley saddle, and I had a feeling it wasnt fitting my horse quite right, so I called Down Under and explained what was going on with the saddle.  They had me take some photos and send them in and we discovered that it was a bit too wide, and suggested that I get the shim pad for it.  I was very impressed with the fact that even though I didn't buy the saddle brand new from you, you helped me get the fit right.  And we kept working at it until we got it right!   I bought the pad, and WOW what a difference!  I ordered the pad on Tuesday and it arrived at my home on Friday.  Excellent, excellent service.  He was more comfortable with this saddle before when it sat too low, but now he's like a new horse!  His movement is even more fluid, and he is so much happier in general.  I knew from the moment I sat in the seat that I would never ride in another saddle ever again!  The Australian saddle is the best, most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in.  I have been singing your praises to all my horse friends, and anyone who asks me what kind of saddle I am riding in.  I even make people climb on and sit in it for themselves!  I am a 100% satisfied customer.  Thank you a million times for all your help!  You have been wonderful!  You have earned yourselves a lifelong customer and when my saddle needs to be replaced (hopefully it won't happen for a very long time) I will be calling on you again!

Des Moines, IA

Saddle for a Big Horse


Just wanted you to know that we finally had the chance to get my husband's new saddleup on his Belgian and we are delighted. It fits him perfect and is absolutely the most comfortable saddle that I have ever ridden in. Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service!

Sadieville, KY

The Right Size for Two Saddles

I recently bought two custom saddles from you - they are the best ever! I've been fighting with saddles for two years and then got your custom wither saddles - I immediately felt comfortable in the saddle and I can easily touch my horse's pressure points now wit just a soft push. Tidign is sooooo much better for all of us.

Thank you, from me, Spirit, and Lil Beau,


Legend Saddle Works Great on a Mule


The saddle fits great with 2/1/1 in the shim pad. I really appreciate all your help. The mule and I both like this saddle.

Albany, GA

Down Under Legend saddle on a mule

Economy Outback is Just Right!

Hi there,

Just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful saddle and all the help and advice when I was buying it.

I bought your clearance Kimberly economy outback.  The day before it arrived my mare came up lame and doctor's orders were to give her a month off.  So I hadn't really been able to try it out.  This weekend we went for our first trail ride in it.  I bought the saddle as an affordable way to have a saddle that properly fit my hard to fit foxtrotter.  It fits her beautifully, and finally she is gaiting like she should again.

But after this weekend's ride I realized it benefits me as much as her.  She was a bit of a brat after a month off.  She's a challenging horse anyway, but after the vacation, and finally feeling better again, and riding strange trails with horses she doesn't know, she was quite a handful.  But in that saddle, I felt so much more secure than in my old saddle.  She reared, spun, spooked and all kinds of fun antics.  And I was still able to enjoy the ride.  The deeper seat, the more balanced position, and the knee pads make such a huge difference.  I never want to ride in anything else again!
And I think I converted a couple of the people that I was riding with too, and am sending them your way!  I let one of the other riders get on and she was amazed at how comfortable it is.

Thank you again!  I will tell everyone I ride with about your wonderful, and incredibly affordable saddles!

Belton, MO

Pebs with Australian Saddle

Appreciates Personal Service

I just wanted to thank all the staff at Down Under Saddle Supply for your awesome customer service. I purchased two saddles from Down Under Saddle Supply in the past 6 months, and both times I experienced unusually excellent service from everyone I worked with. The saddles were exactly what I was looking for, they fit my horse great, and you were all extremely patient with the million questions I asked. You all seemed to appreciate the fact that I was purchasing saddles without ever seeing them in person, and you helped me to make the best choices for both me and my horse. My saddles were both sent out immediately and were rigged and ready to ride. The stirrups were even set at the right length! Nice. This kind of personal service is getting to be pretty rare in the tack industry, so I really appreciate the time and effort that everyone gave me. I hope to work with you again for my next saddle needs, and I will certainly tell others to give you call as well.

Thank you again!

Lou Ascione
San Diego

Long Lasting Coat!


As a cowboy for many years riding in every weather imaginable, I would like to offer my thanks for a very fine product. I used my oilskin slicker for 10 years before I made my 460 mile mule ride through and around Ireland for children's cancer charity. It served me as well after 10 years of use as it did the day I purchased it. Attached is a photograph during the ride and Ireland can throw some mean and nasty weather.

Thanks again,

John F.

Cowboy with oilskin coat

Duster Coat

Was just in your Wonderful store on Tuesday (Aurora, Colorado). A fellow helped us and was very knowledgeable. You had sent my DUSTER to me and that was the best over Internet shopping I have done. Thank you for your staff and your product. Will be back and will tell everyone about you.


Waiting for Christmas

Dear Down Under Saddle Supply team:

I want to take a moment to thank you for exceptional delivery service on my recent order.  The quick shipping, prompt updates and even proof of delivery were above and beyond expectations.  D.U.S.S. gave me a good deal and great service.  I could not be happier.  Okay, that's not completely true.  I have to wait until Christmas to open the box!

Best regards,

Ossian, Iowa

Aussie Saddles in Finland!
These photos were sent by Petri in Finland.

Kimberley Saddles
Down Under Legend saddle being ridden

If at First We Don't Succeed...

I just wanted to send a message to all of you at Down Under Saddles who helped with my recent saddle purchase. I had some fit issues and a fleece panel problem with my new "The Legend" saddle, and ended up having to send it back. I admit I should have just sent a wither tracing in with my original order, but thought it would be "easier" to just order a wide tree. I spoke with and e-mailed Lance, Tim, and Ricki, each on several occasions. The responses I got from each of them was very informative and helpful. I ended up sending the saddle back for repair and adjustment. A new and adjusted saddle was returned to me quickly. I finally got to try it out on Max, the horse I normally ride when working mounted, and was very happy with the fit. So I want to say thank you to all of you at Down Under for standing behind your saddles and your customers with great service!

Tom and Sharon
Phoenix, AZ

Racking Horse Success


I purchased the Kimberley Outback Economy last fall after I had purchased a Racking horse. I could not find a saddle to fit him comfortably. They would slide back and get too low in the front, and then rock back and forth when he walked. I was able to try the new saddle on and do some ground work before the cold weather came and knew the saddle fit nicely, but was not able to actually ride it because of winter weather. Yesterday I rode my Racking horse with the new saddle for the 1st time and found he had much better flexion, and responded much better than he had with the other several saddles I had tried on him. Thank you for helping explain how to measure and send the tracing to you. After the ride I checked the sweat wear marks on the horse and they were just like your video showed they should be. So far we are loving the new Australian saddle and got lots of comments today from other riders in my trail riding group.

Donna (60 years old. I have been riding since I was 4 yrs old.)
Northwood, IA

Can't Go Back to Western

Hello! Just wanted to let you know I received my Open Range saddle last week and trail rode all weekend in it. It was wonderful! I've been a western seat all my life, and now I don't think I'll ever go back! Thanks Down Under!

Eddyville, KY

Good Fit for an Icelandic

Hi Lance,

Thank you so much for your help in fitting my Icelandic mare Gefjun with her new Kimberley Lite Rider. It fits her "no withers and short back" just perfectly and is amazingly comfortable to ride on long trail rides.

I think she likes the way she looks too - we've gotten so many compliments!

Many thanks,

Gill, MA

Icelandic horse with Australian saddle

Pacific Northwest Hermit-Monk Loves His Statesman Coat

Dear DU,

Just received my canvas Statesman. Absolutely fabulous, well made, great sizing (I am 6' 2", 215, old fart) just the perfect weight! I am too old for lugging an oilskin around anymore and this coat looks and feels like it cost twice that much and came from Orvis or Norm Thompson. I love the sound of the movement of the fabric. Looks truly holy with my Outback Oilskin Hat. The quality and features make this an ideal long coat for our Pacific Northwest winters and covers my cotton robes and keep them dry (I am a Zen Monk).

Pacific Northwest

Statesman canvas coat

Quality in a Budget Saddle

Dear Folks at Down Under,

I just received my Kimberley synthetic endurance saddle and although I just had a few minutes before dark to give it a try, it looks like the fit is good for both pony and me. I am absolutely thrilled with the sense of security afforded by the poleys and the equisuede seat, and happy that the seat lets me sit correctly upright in a dressage position with legs under me, although I have not tried the stirrups yet.

Thanks so much for all of your careful assistance with fitting and the prompt shipping. Despite the budget pricing of this saddle, I am impressed by the quality and it took me a while to find the flaw that put this one in the clearance bin.

Thanks again! I'm really thrilled to have it and to be able to resume work with my youngster with more confidence.

(Name withheld at customer's request)

For Equine Friends and Friends with Equines

Dear Mike and Tim

My experience in purchasing an Australian Saddle was superior at Down Under Saddle Supply! Both the owner and manager worked well past what I would have ever expected to make sure that I received the best saddle and fit for my horse, Rojo Sky. I purchased the Syd Hill Superdrafter and am quite pleased with this well made, deluxe saddle. I strongly recommend Down Under Saddle Supply to all my equine friends and friends with equines! Many Thanks!

Gayle M., DVM
Morrision, CO

Syd Hill Superdrafter

Aussie Saddles Great for Rough Montana Riding

Both my wife and I have ridden Western Tack exclusively on our two Quarter Horses for years but both horses died unexpectedly last winter. Afterwards we replaced them with two Quarter Horses and one rocky Mountain Gaited Horse and elected to buy Australian saddles. We contacted Down Under on our gaited trainers recommendation. At Down Under Tim Peterson and the staff spent a lot of time educating us on Aussie saddles and Tim was incredibly patient while we were trying to fit one of our horses who had a slightly wide back. Down Under exchanged saddles until we had a perfect fit with the Dalby Fleece Lined Aussie saddle. The second Wizard Poley saddle was a good fit right away for another horse and the Down Under Dalby Poley with Horn was a perfect fit on my Quarter Horse. Their lightweight and instant broken-in comfort was a real bonus. We also tacked up with a variety of cinches, cruppers, breast collars, saddlebags, and the Equipedic Saddle Pads. All of the Down Under tack items that we bought were excellent quality and I would heartedly recommend their brand and their exceptional customer service. The proof is that the horses are comfortable and so are the riders. We are back country trail riders exclusively and ride in the mountains here in Montana over steep rocky exposed trails and the Aussie saddles are perfect for theses conditions.

Big Arm, MT

Down Under Dalby Saddle

Love of Riding Restored


I have to share how happy we are with our new saddle! The service and help we received was 2nd to none! I started my search for 'the' saddle after needing to buy 'the' horse for my 12yr old daughter who was bucked off her horse. We finally found the perfect horse. We also found the perfect trainer. But, of our 4 saddles none would fit this perfect horse to the perfect trainer's liking!! I found my horse was difficult to fit and searched high and low for a company to help me. By the time we found 'the' horse and 'the' trainer...'the' bank account had suffered! I stumbled across the clearance saddles and found them to be perfect for us. The help I received from emails to phone calls to suggestions for the best saddle...and the wither tracing and custom fit for the Kimberley stock saddle was amazing. Especially since I was shopping in the clearance saddles. I feel I received the same guidance and attention to detail as if I had ordered one of the 'top models'. Not once did I feel I was 2nd rate or settling. (by the way, the 'wrinkle' is next to impossible to find!) My trainer is so impressed with the quality of the saddle, the price, as well as the assistance provided and the 'standing behind the product' Down Under provides...she is looking into one herself. Being a tried and true dressage rider...this is amazing!

My daughter rode in the saddle twice. The young girl who has an overwhelming love of horses, but was afraid to move at anything more than a snail's pace was gaiting all over because she felt 'safe and secure' in her new saddle. The poley's , suede seat, deep seat, as well as the custom fit for her as well as the horse, therefore keeping Dixie a happy horse...was all she needed to gain her confidence back! You have not only sold me a wonderful saddle, but you have helped to give a young girl back her love of riding!


Fredericksburg PA

Kimberley Stock saddle being ridden

A Long Search is Over

Just wanted to let you know, I tried moving the saddle ahead a little and it fits perfect. I went for a long ride this morning and my horse behaved beautifully. She even walked when I asked her to, which isn't something Beauty likes to do. The saddle fit seemed to make a big difference. When I took the saddle off the sweat pattern was perfect as well; no dry spots. I have tried for six years to find a saddle to fit this horse, finally the problem is solved. I can't say enough about the wonderful customer service I received. Everyone I talked to, from my initial call to my umpteenth call about fit and saddle position, were patient and helpful. I have every intention of buying a saddle for my gaited horse from them come Spring. Thanks!

Platteville, WI

Good Fit for an Icelandic Horse

Hi, This message is for Lance, a few weeks ago I ordered a saddle and Lance was so helpful as I have had trouble fitting my Icelandic horse . I sent all the info and wither tracing to Lance and talked to him several times . I want to thank you for your help and guidance in picking out a saddle that might fit her. The fit is good and I love the saddle. I have had several long rides in it and love it. I feel safe and she is comfortable in it. Great Company and knowledgeable staff. Thank you so much.

Kennebunk, Maine

Icelandic horse with Australian saddle

Sheepskin Pad is Great for Endurance Riding

Hi Mike and Jan,

I just wanted to thank you for getting me my saddle pad so quickly. I got it with plenty of time to try it out before I took it with me to the 100 Mile National Championship Ride in South Carolina. The pad worked out perfect! My horse is very sensitive and he loves the softness of the sheepskin. The fit and thickness worked perfect with my saddle too! My horse was very happy all day:)

Thank you again for making such a great product and for your assistance.

Natalie Muzzio
Clifton, VA

A Real Confidence Booster!

Hi Lance!

You probably don't remember me but I bought a saddle from you in March. My horse was injured and it has been a long haul getting him healed up this summer but I have finally gotten to use the saddle. What a hoot!!! I rode the old western saddle first, then switched to the Aussie. What a little piece of heaven. And boy did my confidence go through the ceiling.

I really like it. When I take the saddle off Cyrus, there is one uniform sweat spot on his back (on each side) that corresponds with the shape of the underneath of the saddle. No gaps or hot spots. My trainer is impressed. Not only with the quality, but also the price. So much so that she will be contacting you about selling your saddles at her place.

I hope you can work it all out! I think my saddle is great.....I think Cyrus does too!

Missoula, MT

A "Eureka" Moment

Dear Customer Service,

Last Sunday, while riding my mountain bike, I encountered a woman riding her horse with the most beautiful, unusual saddle I had ever seen. The minute I saw it, it was like a "Eureka!" moment and I knew that was the kind of saddle I wanted. She told me it was an Australian saddle and once I had ridden it, I would never want to ride anything else. She told me to call Down Under in Denver. Monday was a holiday, so I had to wait until Tuesday morning. A young woman helped me select a saddle that would work for me (I don't own, I lease or ride a variety of horses) - the Campdraft Special with horn. It was delivered on Thursday; I rode it on Saturday and it was the absolutely most comfortable, secure feeling I've ever had. Everything fit. It put me in the right position and allowed me to stay quiet with my legs. My horse enjoyed the ride so much more as well - staying alert, not stumbling on the hills or shying at every chipmunk. I cannot thank you enough for such a GORGEOUS, SENSIBLE saddle and such EXCELLENT customer service.

Please share my happy experience with other shoppers!!

Steamboat Springs, CO

Quick and Friendly

I just wanted to thank Lance for helping with my saddle. I requested a 16 inch seat but it was too small. I returned it and he sent a 17 inch back to me. I was amazed at how fast I received the saddles. Lance was very friendly and helpful through the whole process. The saddle fits my foxtrotter and it is very comfortable for me. I would recommend your company to my friends.


Riverton, WY

Australian saddle on a Foxtrotter

Smooth and Secure

Hi Ricki,

Just wanted to let you know that your suggestion for the saddle for Sid and my husband is working out very well. David says he feels more secure in his saddle and that the ride is more smooth overall. I've ridden her too and can say the same thing. Thank you so much for your help....sorry we were so late in letting you know, this summer has been crazy.

It's nice to know that there are still some folks out there who really know their stuff!


Buckley, WA

Sydney Straw Hat - the Horse Approves!

I received my second Sydney Straw hat last week, in time for a trail ride with my group on Sunday. The weather was hot and sunny, and the hat was a great asset for the ride. I also received many positive comments about it. It fits just right, stayed on in a couple of wind gusts, and was very cool and light to wear. I just love it! And my horse approves too, after an extensive look-and-sniff test was done.

Thank you for your prompt service, and helpful advise on the sizing. I was hoping that the Small size was going to work, after sending back the Medium. I was quite pleased.

Mendon, MI

Custom Fit in Record Time

The people at Down Under are very responsive and very helpful. They answered all my questions, helped me pick the right saddle, and it shipped out the next day. I never thought I could get a custom fitted saddle in just a few days after ordering it, but Down Under did it. I ordered the saddle and in about a week here I am already using it on a trail ride. My new Kimberly Poley fits great and is very comfortable. It is a great way to affordably try an Australian saddle if you have not before. Thanks to Tim in sales for taking care of my order and I would definitely recommend this company to others based on their fantastic customer service.


Maple Valley, WA

Kimberley Poley Saddle

Comfortable Clearance Saddle

Hi -- Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the Kimberley Poley and Easyrider pad I bought from you this month (clearance sale). The workmanship is outstanding in both saddle and pad, and the saddle is extremely comfortable for me and for my horse. Also, the items were delivered very quickly.


Roy, UT

Longreach Endurance is Just the Ticket

Hi. I just wanted to send a few pictures of my Morgan mare, Zolamae, who is obviously very happy with her new saddle. She's very wide and has always been difficult to fit, but this wide Longreach Endurance saddle is perfect! She moves so freely, it feels like I'm riding an entirely different horse. This is the 4th saddle I've purchased from Down Under Saddle Supply (one Kimberly Lite Rider and three Longreach Endurance) and I have been very happy with all of them. I also ride in a dressage saddle and I find the transition to the Longreach is really easy as it gives you a very similar leg position and also gives you very close contact. The poleys don't get in the way of posting--they just give extra security on the trail. My only suggestion would be to offer stirrup leathers in a length between the childs and the adult. Also, a saddle pad choice in blue would be great!

I've tried many other saddles in the past year in my search for a saddle for Zolamae. Nothing else in my price range even came close to the comfort and quality of the Longreach Endurance. One of my favorite things about it is how soft it was to start with--no break-in time required! I tried a demo Tucker saddle and sent it back because it was so stiff and so squeaky it scared the horse when we trotted!

And, as always, the customer servive at Down Under is top notch!!!!

Thanks again,

Cold Spring, MN

Down Under Longreach Endurance Saddle

Aussie saddle with rider

Lots of Horses, Lots of Saddles

We've had all kinds of horses, Ricki, as many different shapes and sizes as one can have below draft and above miniature...most of 'em gaited, several with NO withers, and two with hatchets up there. Lance has fitted them all expertly based on photos and withers tracings. He laughs and says he SHOULD be able to do this, given how long he's been at it. However, we've done enough business in the past with other saddlers to know that's not the case. I'm thinking this is the sixth or seventh saddle we've bought from you in the past 8 years, and all have fitted our horses and suited us.

That's no small thing, and we're grateful. Our horses are important to us, and to have them comfortable is critical for the hard riding we do. This saddle is for my sister, who has been very sick and probably won't ever ride much, and an older mare that won't be ridden far or long or in tough country...and I'll betcha Lance has 'em both "riding easy" and safely as soon as the snow clears.

Thanks again-


Nelsonville, OH

An In-Store Customer

Down Under,

Thanks for the attention you gave me on Sat. This was my first experience with the Australian Saddle so I had a ton of questions. The man who was running the store made sure that all of them were answered. He did not make me feel foolish for my ignorance and went out of the way to make sure that I had the right gear and know-how to use the new saddle and tack.

By the way, he sold two saddles to other customers while I shopped. Pretty good closing rate. Again, thanks for the first positive shopping experience in a long time! I will be back to spend more money with you guys in the future!



Customer Service is Still Alive!

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your wonderful service. You are the best beyond compare!!! I never expected to receive my order so quickly. Then, when I needed to exchange my saddle purchase, you sent my new purchase right out, same day ordered, and again had it within a couple of days. The staff I worked with were wonderful.....Ricki, Tim, and Lance. Thank you....thank you....thank you, I would recommend you to any of my friends wishing to purchase new equipment because customer service is so lacking these days and you people put the "service" back in customer service.


Cool, CA

Repeat Customer


We've been so pleased with our Kimberly Superior Poley that we purchase for our Tennessee Walker mare, Pride, that we are ready to outfit our 4-year-old gelding with his own new Down Under saddle.

I have taken Pride on some spectacular trails in the Monongahela National Forrest here in West Virginia over the last year. She's logged some serious miles under that Kimberly Superior Poley with considerable comfort for the horse and rider. We were accompanied by a several other riders using all kinds of saddles with varying degrees of supplemental gel pads. They were all griping about sore posteriors and aching knees and backs around the campfires. Being the only Australian equipped rider, I had no such complaints.

The right horse with the right tack made even the least experienced rider the most comfortable on those trails. The other guys loaded up on ibuprophen or acetominophen in the evenings. I could relax with a cigar and a mild libation.

We use Down Under Neoprene Girths and the heavier Halter Bridles and D-Ring Snaffles with copper rollers on both horses. Your guidence and service were outstanding during Pride's saddle purchase, and I am sure that your advice will be as valued as we decide which saddle will be best for our Walker/Quarter Horse, Ike.

Attached you'll find a photos of the mare under tack. Check the two photos of the palomino (Ike) to see if there are any clues about make/model saddle will work best for him. I'll be faxing withers tracing and measurements in coming days.

I look forward to doing business again. Down Under Saddle Supply's products represent great value, but your staff's committment to customer service is what earned my loyalty as a customer.

Kevin Arnold
Morgantown, WV

Kimberley Superior Poley saddle in the woods

Suprerior Poley on horseback

Synthetic Saddle Works Great!

Hello, I recently purchased a Syd Hill Synthetic Stock saddle from you and have been using it for the last several weeks (over 80 miles) . The saddle fits my four year old rocky gelding perfectly, and has been a joy to ride. The saddle has provided a secure seat on rugged terrain and the Austrailan design has reduced the stress on my aging knees. Never having ridden an Austrailan saddle before I was somewhat unsure about the purchase, but the saddle has exceeded my expectations. Tim was very helpful with questions on fit, girth, etc. and processed my order in a timely fashion. Thank you for a great saddle and excellent service.

Sincerely, Jim
Roxboro, N.C.

Tasman Coat Ready for Heavy Duty Work

Thanks a lot! The coat came today and I am very pleased. I purchased my first Drover coat almost 30 years ago and it has performed perfectly whether hunting in the Alaskan bush or on a boat fishing for Halibut. Sadly I needed to replace it (I out grew it). I did not realize that not all Drover coats are created equal. The coat I got (from the same manufacturer as the first one) was very light weight and didn't even survive 2 years of duty. The Tasman that you sent me is just what I was looking for. It will definitely hold up like my old one!

I am very happy with this coat, not just the heavy duty fabric but also the attention to detail in the seams, pockets and reinforcing. It is truly a working coat. Just what I was hunting for. I have to say I haven't come across anything that is even close.

Thanks again!

Petoskey, MI

Copperfield Coat is a Crowd Pleaser

Hi Ricki...How are you doing? We had a good Thanksgiving but I ate too much. It was all so good.

The coat got here the other day and it's wonderful!! I really didn't have a clue how the material was going to be but it's not anything like I had in mind. I was thinking it was going to be really stiff and hard to bend. LOL But it's NOT like that at all. I LOVE IT!! I really really love that coat! I just ordered another one in size large because the XL was really to big on me..the sleeves were to long and it was to big on my shoulders..the shoulder seams were way off of my shoulders down on my arm...but my husband tried it on and it just fits him exactly. So he wanted that one and I ordered me a size large in one just like it. Now we'll both have new Aussie coats. I can't wait to go riding in them.

Had to let you know I was very pleased with the coat and it's made really well too. I like all the features it has. Maybe I need to get the long one like it too. LOL Maybe later.

Take care,


Word of Mouth is our Best Advertising

Just got my new black Aussie saddle Friday---WOW! talk about some super prompt service! What a great saddle from a great company! The horses are good with it, it fits everyone well and the pretty green pad looks great on my grey!

I love dealing with your company because everyone is so friendly, knowledgeable and kind hearted. They'll bend over backwards to help a customer and that's pretty unusual these days.

I've always found your products to be of a superior quality, and that's experience speaking. I've had one of your Aussie saddles for about ten years now (got it in trade for some training) and it has one tiny break in the stitching from being used and used and USED! We put about 300 miles a year on the horses riding the CO mountains and that old saddle really gets put to work! It's the most comfortable thing I've ever sat, and not once ever have I had a single case of sore backs, pinched withers or other discomfort for my horses. I love the way the wool saddlepads keep their backs dry and well ventilated, too. That makes my horse's job so much easier and she's always ready to work for me because she's comfortable.

Thanks for being so great to work with and I am a confirmed customer and whenever I can I recommend you to others. I know at least two others who have ordered from you because of my words, so I'm putting the news out there for you!

Thanks Again,

Gunnison, CO

Great Service and Great Saddles!


I just wanted to send a note thanking you for the great service and great saddles! Both saddles are comfortable and look great on our horses! Both my husband and I purchased new Syd Hill Synthetic saddles from you and I made a mistake on girth length and the service was great and fast to exchange it. I talked to a few different people and ALL treated me with the same amazing service! The new girth fits perfect and I am very happy with my purchase. I will tell every horse person I know to buy a saddle from you! I attached pics of the saddles in use.

Thank you for the great experience! I will buy all future saddles from you!

Arlington, WA

Syd Hill synthetic saddle
Horse with Syd Hill synthetic saddle

"Levi" Loves His Kimberley Outback

A Big Thank You to You and Your Staff!

These are photos of my horse "Levi" tacked up in his Kimberley Outback saddle. I can't tell you how pleased I am riding in this saddle and how happy my horse is in it. I'd spoken extensively to Rickie when I was ordering, explaining how finicky my horse Levi is in the fit of his saddle; I can't begin to thank her for all her knowledge and expertise in helping me choose my equipment. I've not had ANY problems with my horse since using this saddle! I've come back to order the Halter bridle which I adore.

I had a few pieces of equipment from previous horses (unknowingly purchased from your store!) which I've been able to reuse, but I look forward to upgrading when I can. I'm so happy I keep looking on your site for my next wish list purchase. I tell everyone I come in contact with about your products and service - I wouldn't be surprised you get a number of phone calls.


Laguna Beach, California

Australian saddle on a large horse

Joseph Lyddy Products Great for More than Just Saddles

Hi. I'm writing to let you know that I received my can of Dubbin today and almost immediatly went to work on my chair. I'm proud to let you know it looks almost new. I carefully followed the directions and did every bit of leather that's on the chair. I may have been a little heavy handed with the Dubbin, but when I was done I couldn't see any discoloration anymore. I let the chair sit undisturbed for a couple of hours to let the Dubbin sink in and do its work. When I checked, it was a little tacky, so I took a soft cloth and gently polished the leather to a beautiful shine. I am so proud of myself and my can of Dubbin. Thank you so much for your hard work to find the best product for my task. By the way, it SMELLS good too. You should have seen my cat checking out the new chair. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Apple Valley, CA

Talk of the Neighborhood!

Dear Down Under,

I just wanted to thank you for all your patience answering my many questions. Your customer service is outstanding!

And I love love LOVE my new Kimberly Stock saddle. I've gone through three saddles this summer alone trying to find one that fit my hard-to-fit gelding, and yours is the first one that did. We took our first long ride yesterday, and he had a perfect sweat mark. Eureka!

My new saddle is the talk of the neighborhood, too! Most people around here are out with their horses on the weekends, and they all wanted to know about my saddle. Everyone was very impressed with the quality and workmanship, and absolutely shocked when they found out it was so affordable! Of course I told them where I got it and praised your company up and down.

This saddle saved me from a nasty fall yesterday, too. I first started investigating aussie saddles because of their reputation for security, as my horse tends to be skittish and has dumped me more than once. Well, just as we were almost home yesterday, a large patio umbrella a neighbor had left in the yard caught the wind and came cartwheeling toward us. My horse levitated, spun, and bolted--and I remained firmly in my seat.


Elk Grove, CA

Kearney's Saddle

I just wanted to thank you, and let you know that Kearney's saddle is a big success! It fits him very nicely. I have given the saddle a very good test ride, up and down some very steep hills, and it is staying in place! We are thrilled with the saddle, the quality is awesome, and your staff has been a true delight to work with! Thank you so much from a very happy trail rider. I guess Gypsies can go Australian!



The Wow Factor!

I just bought an aussie saddle from you (Legend) WOW what an awesome saddle.

It was for my Percheron I sent you his withers tracing and the fit was absolutely perfect, The first time I had it on him the sweat marks were a direct imprint of the saddle, we bought the breast collar (cause you folks suggested it saying the saddle might slip) IT DID. This has to be the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in. Your advice was spot on.

Myself and my horse Thank You very much.

Andrew and
Johnny Cash

If at First You Don't Succeed......

Down Under, you have provided me with one of the best shopping experiences in my life-and I'm 64! Thank you.

I ordered a Kimberly Economy Outback with horn about three weeks ago. It is my first saddle. My 3 year old gelding was in training at the time and I’d been hoping it would arrive before his time was over. Well, it did. In less than a week. Thanks to your on-line instructions, it fit him perfectly; unfortunately it was a size too small for me.

I was very hesitant to exchange it, but based on the trainer's advice did, but reluctantly, expecting a huge delay and a missed opportunity for the trainer’s help in fitting it. I was more than pleasantly surprised when, after a very pleasant and helpful phone conversation with your service representative, I put the saddle in the mail that day. That was last Tuesday, I believe.

Today is Wednesday of the following week. Not only did I receive the exchange today, but it fit well and I was able to ride my horse home from training in it! How wonderful!

Your staff was extremely helpful, your turn-around time incredible, and, best of all, the product far exceeds my expectations. Thank you! You've provided me the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream: riding my own horse in comfort, safety, and under the advice of a seasoned professional. I would recommend you a thousand times over.


Elmwood WI

Big Timber Saddle Passes the Test of Time

To Down Under,

I just wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful saddle. I purchased a Cutbank Cutter well over 5 yrs ago. I purchased it thinking it would just be a "cheaper" backup saddle. Little did I know it was going to become my favorite, most comfortable, and best built saddle. It fit me and my QH mare perfectly, and has outlasted several other saddles. It's great for training, everyday riding, and I've taken it into the show pen. It is truly a work of art, and I've been more than pleased with it. The butterfly skirt is beautiful, and looks amazing on my mare. I'll be buying the newer Stillwater Cutter before too much longer!

Stillwater, OK

Big Timber Western saddle

Helpful Staff!

Hi Ricky,

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your time and expertise in assisting me to get my new Aussie saddle. I love it! Even though it is heavier than the endurance Aussie I had before I am able to lift and handle it without problems. It is soooo comfortable and I love the additional security it gives me. The fit seems to be perfect for Tamberraro and he moves well under it. As you may recall, my horse is a Paso Fino. They are a spirited sort and very quick. It was after Tam moved out from under me so fast during one ride that I didn't even know I was going to fall that I decided to go back to an Aussie saddle. Your patience and knowledge enabled me to get a saddle that fits Tam, me and our budget. Everyone I have spoken to at Down Under Saddle Supply has been so helpful and gracious. I had a few questions right after the saddle came, and since I called when you were at lunch, Tim helped me. I have also enjoyed talking with Mike. I had read the comments others made on your website and I guess we all seem to agree that for quality and good service you folks can't be beaten!! We have to deal with very antiquated phone lines here in rural Maine which or course impacts the quality of our internet service, so I doubt that we can send a photo of Tam and I, but a friend will be able to do so. I intend to do that ASAP. You can be sure we recommend you to anyone interested in Australian saddles and you will certainly get our continued business. Please feel free to use my comments.

Thank you again.

Nikki and Tamberraro
Cornville, Maine

The Down Under Experience

Dear Lance and the rest of the Down Under crew,

I wanted to write a quick note to let you know how happy I am that I chose to buy a new Australian saddle from you. I was looking at used saddles online thinking I could get a good deal, but I was very nervous about a used saddle fitting correctly.

A good friend had let me try her Kimberley saddle from your company and I loved it. She was also raving about your customer service. So I called a few times with questions, and talked to a couple of different people but mainly Lance. And everyone was so helpful and patient with my endless questions. I also liked the idea of the wither tracing to perfectly both of my horses.

Long story short , I bought a synthetic saddle to start my 3 yr old Appaloosa filly with, and to use on my 9 year old Appaloosa mare on trailrides. I love it! It's very light but very sturdy and fits both me and my horses perfectly. I was mistakenly sent the wrong girth when I recieved the saddle, so I called and got Lance. He sent me the upgraded fleece girth no questions asked. He told me I could keep the felt girth as an extra. That wasn't what I expected! I'm very happy with my entire Down Under experience and will refer my friends!

Thanks again,

Your fan,

Bonnie Pray

Two horses with riders

Great Fitment

I really appreciate your help fitting my saddle to my horse! I was saved a lot of time and money and my green horse has been saved from being stuck with an uncomfortable saddle that would make him hate being ridden.

You can certainly quote me on how great your service is! Buying and fitting saddles is totally confusing and your staff has helped me out a great deal every time I've called, and I think everyone should know how good it is to have an expert to turn to when trying to buy a saddle, especially on-line!

Thanks again,


The Whole Story

To everyone at Down Under:

I purchased a Kimberley stock saddle from you about a month and a half ago and I just wanted to write and say just how much my horse and I are enjoying it.

My Standardbred gelding is 21 years old this year and because he is getting on in years, I have been looking for more and more ways to make his senior years happy and comfortable. I have made many small adjustments to his everyday care and lifestyle to try and ensure that my best pal continues to live a good life in his golden years. One of the changes I wanted to make this year was to switch him over a lighter weight saddle. Our previous saddle was a 35lb western pleasure saddle. With the new Aussie I have decreased the weight by about 12l lbs or so. There is little doubt my horse appreciates this, especially since I am a larger rider (I'm working on getting my weight down too).

I have always been an English rider at heart -- and rode hunt seat for one summer as a child, but that was the limit of my experience. When I first adopted my horse, I did have an all-purpose, hunt saddle for him -- but sold it when I realized it didn't fit him very well and I was not secure riding in it. For the past several years, I have been eyeing Aussie saddles (for the English "look" -- but with the added security) but never had a good reason to purchase one. My western saddle fit my boy fine and I was comfortable riding with it.

Just recently, I have been having issues with my knee while riding. I would be fine during my rides for the most part, but would have pain the moment I was off my horse. The pain was so strong at one point, that I did not ride for several weeks. I had been considering getting a new saddle before this incident, but having this happen pretty much made my decision.

At that point, I started researching Aussie saddles. I was once told by someone that Aussie saddles are often built very narrow and don't tend to fit many horses. I was told by another person that they heard from a tack shop owner that Aussie saddles are the most frequently traded in …..and yet another person said that they are not comfortable to ride in. Everyone has an opinion……

As I said before, I have sat in a few Aussie's in tack shops but never ridden in one on a horse. I wasn't disappointed about the ones I sat in and since I didn't know anyone that had an Aussie that I could try, I decided I needed to make the decision based on that. Also, my gut instinct told me that this was probably the best choice for a new saddle for both me and my horse.Standardbred with Aussie saddle

While looking for an Aussie to buy, I came across your site on the web. I liked many of the saddles I saw there and several were in my price range (as well as a few that I'd love to have but could not afford). I contacted you by e-mail and not only were you polite and courteous in answering my questions, I got your catalog in a few days after requesting it ( I have limited internet access). I can honestly say right from the start that I was impressed with the suggestion to do a wither tracing so that the new saddle could be more custom fitted. I had never had that suggested before (with any saddle). I was under the impression that to get any kind of a custom fit for any saddle would cost quite a bit of money. When I found out that an Aussie could be fitted to my horse at no extra charge, I was thrilled to say the least. Having a saddle that would FIT my old guy was definitely at the top of my list!

So, I have had my saddle for about a month and a half or so and I do really love it. It is easy to lift onto my horse, it's lightweight and it fits both of us beautifully (why is it that more saddle makers can't do wither tracings in order to get a better fit for their saddles?). It also does not roll during mounting which is another concern I had being a larger rider.

I have noticed that my horse moves more freely through his turns (the Aussie does not restrict his shoulders the way my western saddle did) and is very content and relaxed during our rides. I have also not had any knee pain to speak of since riding in the Aussie and just realized that my back has been bothering me less as well. I am looking forward to trail riding with this saddle over the summer months. I am thrilled that I made this decision.

Thank you for all of your help in purchasing my saddle and for fitting it to my special pal. I also appreciated the video you sent along with the saddle. It answered a lot of questions about using and adjusting an Aussie saddle. Looking back, I'm not sure I would have had the girth done properly without the video.

Thanks again,

Carol Griffin

Coat Sizes for Everyone

Hi Guys,

We received the duster and the jacket today. I want to let you know how happy we are with both. All too often these days people don't take the time to say thanks. Well, thank you! Your service was exemplary, your telephone salesperson was great, and your products speak for themselves!

At 6'5", 300lbs, finding an oilskin to fit had been impossible before I found you. My last one I owned 20 years, but had to reluctantly part with it after I had seriously outgrown it. Of course the first thing to go was the liner. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have an oilskin with a fleece liner back again! Thanks for carrying sizes for us real men.

Rest assured that I will recommend your company (and your products) to everyone! Thank you again for such a great buying experience.

By the way, my wife's jacket fits perfectly. The XL was the way to go, thanks.


Great for a Spooky Mare


I would like to thank you for such a wonderful & safe saddle. I purchased a Long Reach Endurance last summer because my mare is very spooky. I flew off my English saddle and was left unconscious on the trail by myself.  I woke up and needless to say had a very bad headache! I then thought it wise to get a safer saddle that would keep me seated and I've always been curious about the Australian saddle. My mare is still spooky and can go sideways 10-15 feet on any given ride. If it wasn't for your saddle I would not be able to ride my horse and probably would have had a serious injury. Your saddle is amazing and those poleys have saved my life. Not to mention it is the most comfortable saddle I've ever sat in.



Research Leads to Aussie Style

I recently purchased a Kimberley Stock saddle for my QH Mare Becka, I was so excited when the box arrived and even more thrilled when I saw the saddle, I absolutely love it and the quality is far better than i thought it would be, I have ridden a few times with it and it feels very secure and my horse seems to like it as much as I do, I am really pleased that I pursued this style of riding and did the research, I have been leaning more to the English style but feel a little more seated and secure so its a great cross over. The young lady I spoke to was informative and very pleasant and everything was taken care of as your company promised. I will certainly be spreading the word about Down under Saddle Supply.

Many Thanks,

Franklin, TN

Kimberley Stock Saddle

Happy Horse, Happy Rider

Dear Down Under,

I have waited to write until now because I am generally a skeptic, and if things seem to good to be true, they usually are. Still, I purchased a Kimberley Poley saddle in mid-November hoping what everyone said about your saddles would be true. I have ridden in my saddle many times, and I must say that everyone was right. This is the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat in. It is also the first saddle I have put on Uno that actually fit WELL. Many of the others bridged or gouged into his shoulder or flank, but this saddle is padded just right in the right places and even fits his high withers extremely well. He seems to move much more freely, and I have none of the back, knee or hip pain that I often experience due to arthritis. As a big bonus, it is even beautiful! Thank you to everyone who helped me choose and fit the saddle. Uno and I both love it! I am attaching a photo.


Upland, IN

Kimberley Poley saddle

The Horse Approves!

Greetings! I purchased a Kimberley Trailmaster (on clearance) a few months back for my hard-to-fit, wide Mustang. I have to tell you, this is the only saddle that my horse approves of! I've tried far more expensive saddles and this horse gets aggravated until I put his Aussie saddle back on for the trail ride. Just thought I'd let you know how much both appreciate this saddle!

Pueblo West, CO


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