Whether you call it a "crossover" or a "half-breed," it's an amazing saddle!

Whether you call it a "crossover" or a "half-breed," it's an amazing saddle!

A few years ago (or was it a few decades ago?), one of our founders had a great idea. "Let's take the best features of a Western saddle and mix them with the best features of an Australian saddle!" The idea seemed simple, and powerful. So we took that idea to one of our top saddle makers, who, in his inimitable Australian accent, exclaimed "You want me to make you some kinda half-breed?"

He quickly got to work. And, after a couple of decades of revisions and refinements, we think we've perfected the concept. We've been calling our blended designs "crossover saddles" in our marketing for as long as we can remember, but the saddlemaker who crafted the first one started telling his Australian friends back home about the "half-breed" idea, where the idea spread among local saddlemakers and became popular. Today, in Australia, the name "half-breed" stuck, and they became popular enough that they actually outsell traditional stock saddle designs.

We currently have a sale going for our "crossover" saddles (if you're Australian and you want to call them half-breeds we won't mind). So, check our the designs and let us know if you'd like to try one out!

Crossover Saddle Sale!