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When you buy from Down Under Saddle Supply, you know (at least) two things for certain: 1) we stand behind our products, and 2) we have high quality control standards.

As a result, we sometimes end up with products that are slightly used (we have a 30 day no questions asked return policy, and sometimes a saddle just isn't what the customer expected or needed), or are factory seconds (we do our best, but saddles are hand made and humans sometimes make mistakes). Should we throw away otherwise perfectly good saddles because of a small defect or a little wear? Of course not! So we offer them to our customers at a discount in our clearance section.

Please know that all of our clearance items are backed by our no questions asked return policy and saddle tree warranties (unless otherwise specified in big bold writing). With used and factory 2nd saddles, know that we've inspected each one, refurbished them if necessary, and deemed them ready to ride before we've sent them to you.

You should also know that we post pictures on this site of the actual product you will buy, marked with a red dot, to show you where any defects or issues might be. Of course, we also throw in some photos of a new model of the same saddle so you can see all of its features.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-395-8225. We can take and send you additional photos if you would like, advise you on fitment issues, or help you find something specific that's on clearance but may not be listed on our site yet.

Happy shopping!

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English Quilted Cotton Half Pad Side
Marchog Tack
$16.99 $10.19
Save 40%! Add product to cart to see discount. We have been able to get a special purchase of quality English saddle pads. These pads are limited quantities and would compare to pads going for $29-$39 normally. So get them while they are available. The...