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Hand Painted Souvenir Boomerang 14"


These masterpieces of Aboriginal art have very unique painting style that has a cross hatch pattern behind the Australian animal. Each piece is unique, and each is hand painted with colorful traditional Aboriginal designs. Made of solid wood with a satin finish, you'll be proud to hang your artwork on the wall or show it off in a display case. Colors and animals will vary. 14 inches wide

Boomerang Throwing Instructions

Caution: Boomerangs can be dangerous if improperly used. Always select a large, clear grassy area when throwing any boomerang. Make sure to follow the instructions below.

(1) You will notice that the boomerang is flat on one side and rounded on the other. Hold the boomerang flat side to your palm with the end about the middle of the palm.
(2) Face the direction from which the wind is blowing, then turn at an angle of about 45 degrees to the right.
(3) Raise the boomerang above your right shoulder, tilt it slightly right of vertical, and in a relaxed manner throw it forward and slightly upward, imparting a spinning motion to it as it leaves your hand. Never throw a boomerang horizontally, as it will zoom sharply upward and dive to the ground in a manner dangerous to the thrower and the boomerang.
(4) To obtain accurate results in boomerang throwing, it is essential that the thrower stand on one spot and select an aiming point in the direction of the throw. If the boomerang does not return to you, throw to the right or left of the original aiming mark until it does. If thrown correctly, the boomerang will follow an elliptical course and return to you from the left side.
(5) In calm conditions, you will need to throw the boomerang harder than in breezy conditions.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

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