Down Under Saddle Supply
Ideal for all leather products after cleaning with saddle soap or leather cleaner and softening with Leather Oil. Adds luster. Allow to penetrate and polish with a soft cloth.
Down Under Saddle Supply
Leather Oil is a very high penetrating natural oil that will soften the toughest leather. Ideal for use after cleaning with saddle soap or leather cleaner. Carefully formulated by Down Under Saddle Supply to bring health and softness to both new and old...
Joseph Lyddy
Joseph Lyddy's Synthetic Saddle Cleaner is our favorite for lifting dirt, grime, stains, and sweat from synthetic saddle materials. It is easy to use and restores saddles to a sparkling, show ready condition. 500 ml spray bottle.
Down Under Saddle Supply
Leather Cleaner was formulated to do what was previously thought to be impossible. It strips grease, lifts dirt, and simultaneously kills mold spores. Comes in an easy to apply gel. Bottle contains 8.5 fl. oz. (250 grams).
Joseph Lyddy
A non-shine traditional waterproofing treatment for all leather products. Comes in neutral so as not to change the color of the leather. Softens and protects. Works great on boots, saddles, and automotive upholstery.  125 gram tin.
Leather Keep 125g
Down Under Saddle Supply
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Sale! Save 40%! Leather Keep is a leather conditioner suitable for all kinds of leather (except suede and nubuck). Leather Keep is the best because it is all natural. It preserves, softens, and waterproofs leather. Contains tea tree oil, pine extract,...
Quickly removes marks, spots, and soil from nubuck and suede leather saddles, shoes, purses, clothing, and accessories. Fast, dry cleaning method will not change color or texture of suede or nubuck. Includes a bar and a brush. The bar is 1.3 ounces.