Toowoomba Saddlery
The original Australian Extended head Barcoo Bridle made with solid brass fittings and first quality leather. Hand stitched in 7/8 wide leather, reins not included. Toowoomba Saddlery supplies the leather used in the making of the World famous Syd Hill...
The Australian Stock Saddle Company
The legendary Australian Halter Bridle has remained relatively unchanged for over a hundred years. The Australian Stock Saddle Company Halter Bridle Combo features three d-rings on a reinforced cheek piece. This allows for adjustable placement for either...
The Australian Stock Saddle Company
This is the most commonly used bridle in the Australian Outback. Our Barcoo Bridle has an adjustment buckle on the pall strap, as well as both cheek pieces and throat strap, to allow for fitting many different head shapes. Our Barcoo Bridle also can come...
The Australian Stock Saddle Company
These reins are made from premium leather which help make them extremely durable. These reins are 5 foot long with a buckle in the center so that the rider can make them continuous or separate depending on riding style. Only comes with Brass fittings.