The Australian Stock Saddle Company
These bags are designed to be able to attach onto the d-rings found along the back sides of many Aussie saddles. It does connect along the top to provide a more stable connection. This bag can come with 1 or 2 straps to hold down the flaps on the front...
Kimberley Saddlery
A quality super-size leather saddle bag (10" x 11" inches with a 5" gusset). Available in left- and right-hand sides or as a matched set. Easily attaches to the saddle via the leather straps.
The Australian Stock Saddle Company
These Soft Leather Saddle Bags that fit on the rear of most Aussie Saddles whether they have skirting or not. These bags measure 10" wide by 9" tall with a  3" gullet, and have a zipper closure.
Australian Stock Saddle Company Contour Bag Brown Front Left Side
The Australian Stock Saddle Company
$79.00 $69.00
The contour bag connects to the d-rings on either side of an Australian Saddle. Because of the connection method, there are right and left sided bags. The bags also have an additional pouch which can carry a horseman's knife, a hoof pick, a multi-tool,...
Down Under Saddle Supply
This bag works equally well as a set of wither bags (for in front of the saddle) or as regular saddle bags (for behind the saddle). Lightweight, roomy, and waterproof this bag can do it all! Fitted with deep pockets, water bottle holders and heavy duty...