The Australian Stock Saddle Company
For extra long rides -- or heavier riders -- we like to line the pure sheepskin pad with 1/2" of pure wool felt. Works great. Sheepskin Colors white or black.
EquiPedic Equine
This pad was originally designed for Western saddles, but it also works great for most Australian saddles (especially the fleece panel saddles). If you are using saddle bags and want to provide a little extra protection for your horse, this pad is a...
The Australian Stock Saddle Company
The EQUALIZER SADDLE PAD is a major breakthrough in how to greatly reduce saddle pressure. The underside in l/2" layer of wool felt, and the top is tough perforated neoprene, and IN BETWEEN is sandwiched a layer of durable flexible plastic, also...
Down Under Saddle Supply
Is this the ultimate pad for Australian saddles? You decide after you put this luxurious genuine sheepskin pad on your horse. Thick, soft Australian sheepskin on the bottom with a quilted cotton top and suede wear patch. Tie down straps keep your saddle...
Down Under Saddle Supply
Designed with your horse's comfort in mind. Wool topside and 100% wool felt underside with contrasting trim. Fitted with leather tabs so you can tie the saddle pad directly to the saddle, eliminating slippage. Exciting colors, will fit all Australian...
Down Under Saddle Supply
Thick one inch felt top with a non-slip waffle pattern neoprene underside. A great choice if you are having slippage problems, but still want a good felt pad. Air vents along the top help keep the horse cool. Leather wear patches along the bottom for...
Down Under Saddle Supply
A great quality saddle pad in pure wool, fitted with double saddle bags for easy rider convenience. Fitted with suede leather wear patches and leather ties to attach the saddle pad to the saddle. Size 28" long x 36" wide.
Down Under Saddle Supply
A soft traditional Australian saddle pad that we have sold for many years, made of pure new wool with tabs and ties to connect to your saddle to reduce the possibility of saddle pad slippage. Size is 28 long x 36 wide.
Down Under Saddle Supply
Starting with a merino wool covering, each panel is hand stuffed with teased polyester memory batting. This gives your horse excellent cushioning along with the natural feel of merino wool. Sized for Aussie endurance saddles - 26 long x 27 wide.
Down Under Saddle Supply
An economical Australian saddle pad made with a woven top and wool felt underside. Multi-colored, each pad is different! Size 28 long x 30 wide.