Toowoomba Saddlery
2 1/2 stirrup leather that tapers back to a 1-1/4 point. Made in Australia of top quality leather. Toowoomba Saddlery supplies the leather used in the making of the World famous Syd Hill saddles, so you can be assured of total quality and dependability...
Down Under Saddle Supply
These leathers are designed to fit any Australian saddle. They feature a quick buckle and are fitted with a leather keeper to enable easy length adjustments. 4 width. Stirrups sold separately.
Kimberley Saddlery
The Kimberley fender now comes with a quick-change buckle. The 4-inch fender can be adjusted with ease. Fitted with smooth, brass buckles. 4 width. Stirrups sold separately.
The Australian Stock Saddle Company
The legendary Campdraft Leather, the most commonly used stirrup leather in the Australian Bush. The outside is 2 1/2", the backside is 1 1/4". No pinching! Note how the tongue of the leather goes back down through the buckle, and then threads through the...
Kimberley Saddlery
Kimberley leathers come highly regarded, fitted with polished, solid brass buckles for added life and durability. 2 1/2 width. Stirrups sold separately.
Toowoomba Saddlery
Made in Australia from top quality soft supple leather, these loops will slide over 2 or 2-1/2 stirrup leathers, covering the buckle, eliminating rubbing and keeping everything nice and tidy. 7 inches tall. Toowoomba Saddlery supplies the leather used...
Kimberley Saddlery
Woven nylon stirrup leathers for the Kimberley Synthetic saddles. With separate keeper. Listing is for a pair.
Down Under Saddle Supply
These handsome leather sleeves are designed to fit over 2" or 2.5" stirrup leathers. The sleeve keeps the buckle and ends of the stirrup leathers nice and tight. With its soft surface and interior seam, it also protects the flap of the saddle from...
Down Under Saddle Supply
These protective sleeves slip over stirrup leathers from 1" to 2" wide. Made especially for our Kimberley Series synthetic saddles. The sleeves keep the buckle and ends of the stirrup leather nice and tight, and also protect the saddle flap from getting...