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Advanced Synthetic Australian Endurance Saddle Black No Horn Side
Down Under Saddle Supply
$810.00 $648.00
On sale! April only. The Queensland is a new endurance saddle we have just developed using an advanced rubberized polymer material that has superior durability and a more handsome look and supple...
The Australian Stock Saddle Company
The Bucket rifle scabbard is mounted on the off-side, for a right hand pull by a seated rider. It can also be mounted on the near side front. The overall length of the scabbard is 31", with a throat...
Kimberly Ultra Light Treeless Saddle Synthetic Brown Side
Kimberley Saddlery
$399.00 $339.15
On sale! April only. This is one of the lightest saddles available - just 8 pounds including leathers and stirrups! It may sacrifice weight, but it doesn't sacrifice comfort.  The padded seat...
The Australian Stock Saddle Company
Ideal for mounted shooters, hunters and SASS ground shooters. The holster rides just under the breast, for quick easy access. Comes in barrel lengths 4 1/2", 5 1/2", and 7 1/2". The holsters are...
Down Under Saddle Supply
Leather Keep is a leather conditioner suitable for all kinds of leather (except suede and nubuck). Leather Keep is the best because it is all natural. It preserves, softens, and waterproofs leather...
The Australian Stock Saddle Company
Stay Dry in the Great Outdoors! By popular demand, this poncho is made from our super durable, waterproof and windproof oilskin. Great for riding, watching sports, or any time you will be in need of...
Down Under Saddle Supply
Super Warm and Looks Great This great looking 3/4 length oilskin jacket fits in around town or on the ranch. Full shoulder cape for added protection and extra generous styling gives you plenty of...
Toowoomba Saddlery
Made from top quality leather and crafted by old world professionals in Australia. Designed for Australian saddles, this breasplate features a genuine wool fleece lining for your horse's comfort...